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Using upbeat music from the baby boomer generation, Daryl Diamond packs a big punch when imparting information on retirement income planning.  His dynamic presentations combine his engaging personality with his sense of humour and his wealth of knowledge on the subject to create entertaining, memorable sessions.

Daryl's signature presentation, 'Retirement Planning and Rock Music Trivia', consistently receives rave reviews from his many and varied audiences.  The information-packed hour includes how-to lessons on using assets to maximize your enjoyment of the prime retirement years while preparing for the contingencies of aging.  Daryl delivers insightful and timely technical information in easy-to-understand terms that hit home with consumers and advisors alike.   His modern strategies and fresh ideas sharply contrast the traditional world, but his success as an in-demand speaker and educator attests to the relevance of his message.

Daryl speaks extensively to professional development events, advisor conferences, and client appreciation events.  Convention organizers will find Daryl's message of interest to professionals from all fields of work.  Often rated 'best speaker' at these events, he is sure to add an excellent and enjoyable bit of diversity to any professional program line-up. 


"I have had the pleasure and advantage of attending a multitude of presentations by Daryl. His content is insightful, relevant, and distinct from most others.  The brilliance however is in the magic of his skill in communicating.  In regard to the latter, Daryl approaches genius."
Kris K. Birchard, B.A. CFP, CH.F.C TEP
Past Chair, Advocis
The Financial Advisors Association of Canada


"I was on the same program with Daryl at a conference in Las Vegas.  He did an absolutely outstanding job of engaging a tough audience and keeping its attention delivering great substance in an upbeat, fun fashion."

"I would wholeheartedly endorse Daryl to anyone looking for a speaker to deliver on the 'three E's' every speaker strives for - energize, entertain and educate."
Dan Richards, President - ClientInsights
Columnist for the Globe and Mail and faculty member
Rotman MBA program, Univeristy of Toronto

"Daryl Diamond has worked with RBC Dominion Securities on a number of occasions, participating in both large conferences and in smaller professional development seminars for our investment advisors."

"Daryl provides a very personalized level of service: he takes the time to understand the unique nature of our business and our people, and the quality of his presentations reflects this.  The conference seminars that he has delivered to our staff are original and creative, and we always had very positive feedback from participants."

"Beyond his professional approach and attention to detail, he is a dynamic and engaging individual, and he goes out of his way to understand the unique needs of his audience.  As such, his presentations are timely, informative and very memorable (especially when he incorporates his rock & roll memorabilia).  I would recommend Daryl to any financial services organization planning a conference or seminar."
Mike Scott, Managing Director
RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

"We have found Daryl Diamond to be one of the most entertaining and informative speakers on retirement planning in Canada.  We engaged him in two cross-Canada tours where he spoke to our high-valued advisors, thoroughly entertaining them with his use of 'Rock and Roll Trivia' and 'Sopranos'- themed presentations.  The best thing about Daryl is that he uses his own material which is deep in content and packaged for all to understand and benefit from, drawn from his direct experience as an advisor."
Mick Kelly - CFP, PFP, CIM, FCSI
Vice-President - Sales
Retail Markets - Standard Life

"It has been my pleasure to work with Daryl and to utilize his talents for more than a decade. Daryl was one of the first in North America to see, and to help us see, the coming significant differences that would be required in life and financial planning within the retirement stage of life--made ever more significant with the coming retirement of the baby boom generation and beyond.  His early focus in this area within his own financial practice has helped him develop the tools and processes to address the specific needs at this stage of life."

"Daryl has the unique ability to make otherwise laborious material interesting, enjoyable, easy to remember and implement.  In my personal vew Daryl is significantly more effective on this subject than any other speaker I have seen because his is a practicing advisor himself who utilizes these approaches for the benefit of his own clients every day.  His credibility with an advisor audience sky rockets as a result."

"The difference with Daryl is that your audience will actually remember the techniques and implement them, as well as enjoying every moment of the experience!"
Jordy Chilcott
Executive Vice President, Head of Dynamic Funds |
Goodman and Company
Investment Counsel Ltd.

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