Webinar Replay - Hosted by Daryl Diamond, CFP, CLU, CHFC,
author of "Your Retirement Income Blueprint : A Six-Step Plan to Design and Build a Secure Retirement


On Tuesday April 7, 2015, Daryl Diamond hosted a live webinar titled "How The 'Blueprint' Applies To You", based on Daryl's canadian bestseller "Your Retirement Income Blueprint." Daryl guided viewers on how to build your retirement income plan with the six-step plan:


Step 1. Assessing Your Current Life Stage

Step 2. Establishing Your Lifestyle and Time Objectives: The Time Hub

Step 3. Determining Your Financial Goals and Priorities: The Money Hub

Step 4: Layering Your Income

Step 5: Aligning Your Investments with Your Income Plan

Step 6: Assessing the Impact on Net Worth

Watch the webinar replay:



For more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Second Edition of "Your Retirement Income Blueprint" has been updated to include new rates and strategies. Click here to order your copy today at amazon.ca.




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